Just recently. I switched my old smartphone for a new one. I used a Redmi 9 Pro for over three years now. Over time, I took more than 5000 photos with the smartphone’s 3 cameras: The primary 64MP shooter, the front, and the ultra-wide camera.

Out of curiosity, I have written a script to analyze my photo behaviour over the last three years, and these are the results.

Camera usage

The diagram shows the relation of used cameras, in slices of one month. The primary camera got the most use, usually over 60% of the photos taken per month. The front-facing camera usage varies between 10% and 20%. The ultrawide was regularily used, but only for about 5% of the photos.

Distance from home

Unsuprisingly, the very most of my photos were taken in a 200km radius around my flat. It’s also visible that I did not do any long-distance travel during the pandemic. The most distant photos were taken only 1200km away from home.

In a closer zoom to all photos taken less than 20km away, its apparent that I take most of my photos at, or very close to home. Interesting!