In 2022 I published a scan-engine for domainsquatting called monodon. Monodon works well, but requires the end-user to download the entire project and execute Python scripts locally. Running monodon in cooperate environments can also trigger cyber-security products and teams. To combat this problem I always wanted to create a web-version of the scanner that is easy to use, also for beginners.

Today I am launching this web-based domainsquatting scanner on I may migrate to a better domain in the future.

What is domainsquatting

Domainsquatting means registering a domain name that reassembles a brand or business to redirect visitors to your page instead of the genuine one. It is frequently used in phishing to gain the trust of users and steal credentials or private information. An example of such a domain targeting my blog ‘’ could be ‘’ (replacing the I with an l) , ‘’ (mistype), or ‘’.

Also visit the wikipedia article.

Disclaimer is a private project. I pay for the servers myself and there is no external funding like advertisements on the page. I advice you against incooperating the tool into any business workflows, as it may change, break or vanish at any time.


I am very interested in any feedback and suggestions. Please write me an email to contact at or message me on any of the regular social media channels.