The Meta Quest 2 is a neat and cheap VR headset. VR games and experiences are most fun with other people watching. For local viewers, Meta Quest can stream the viewed content to a Chromecast or PC. The only option to experience a game with remote viewers is to stream it to Facebook Live.

I implemented a solution that allows streaming Meta Quest games to any videoconferencing platform, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or even Twitch and Youtube. It requires a PC (or even an Android smartphone) that joins the video conference, but no additional software on the Quest or PC.

The trick is to use a cheap HDMI grabber combined with a Google Chromecast. The Chromecast is connected to the HDMI grabber and streamed to from the Meta Quest. The HDMI grabber converts the incoming video signal to a UVC stream, similar to what a webcam outputs. This UVC stream is natively detected by Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. In the videoconferencing software, simply select the HDMI grabber as input instead of the webcam.

Cheap HDMI grabbers retail at Amazon for 6 to 10 Euros. They don’t have the best color accuracy and only show 30 frames per second, but for most streaming purposes that is fine. More expensive options are listed here. New Chromecasts retail at 40€, but used ones can be picked of Ebay for less than 10€.