UMPCs are ultra-small form factor PCs. With the rise of Smartphone since 2008, the class of fully featured UMPCs has declined. However there are still some UMPCs in production, either with x86 or ARM processors. This list focuses on currently produced UMPCs with <8" displays and a physical keyboard.

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Last Update: 2019-11-20


  • Pocket 2 Released 2018 (Update 2019), 7" Display, Intel Core m3-8100Y (Update Intel Celeron 3965Y), Windows 10, 4-8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, microSD, USB-A and USB-C ~600€
  • Win 2 Released 2018, 6" Display, Intel Core m3-7y30, Windows 10, 8GB RAM, 128GB M2 Storage, microSD, micro HDMI, USB-A and USB-C 700$
  • Micro PC Released 2019, 6" Display, Intel Celeron N4100, Windows 10, 8GB RAM, 128GB M2 Storage, microSD, HDMI, USB-A and USB-C, Serial $350

Planet Computers

  • Gemini PDA Released 2018, 6" FHD+ Display, 10 Core ARM, Android + Linux Dual Boot, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, microSD, USB-C, 4G available, various keyboard layouts £500-£600
  • Cosmo Communicator Crowdfunding 2019, 6" FHD+ Display + 2" Outer Display, 8 Core ARM, Android + Linux Dual Boot, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, microSD, USB-C, 4G (with phone support) $569


  • Falcon Crowdfunding 2019, 8" FHD+ Display, Intel Pentium Silver N5000, Windows, 8GB RAM, 128/256GB Storage, USB-A and USB-C, Pen Support $400-$500


  • Graalphone Never released, presented on CES 2017, 7" Display, 4,7" Slide-In Smartphone, Intel Atom, Windows, 4GB RAM, 256GB Storage, microSD, HDMI Hands On 740€ estimated Indian price

Popcorn Computer

  • PocketPC Crowdfunding 2019, 4.95" FHD Display, 1.2 GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, Linux, 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Storage, microSD, 4xUSB C, LoRaWan (extra) $199-$399


Legacy Devices

These devices might be interesting in case of low hardware requirements or for a self-building project.

  • HTC Shift Released 2008, 7" 800x480 Display, Intel A110 800MHz, 2GB RAM, 40/60GB HDD, SD Card, USB-A, 3G rare
  • Sony Vaio UX Series Released 2008, 4,5" 1024x600 Display, Intel Solo or Dual Core, up to 1GB RAM, 16-60GB HDD/SSD, MemoryStick Duo, CF-Card, 2G 250€+ on Ebay